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Green Dog and Focused Practice Runs
December 4, 2022      Ring Time: 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm 
12:30 pm - Course set up 
1:30 pm - First dog in the Ring
To provide a safe, quality practice experience for dogs in training that are not yet eligible for regular run thrus OR for handlers with experienced dogs that need focused practice on specific pieces of equipment. This is intended to support the training you have done in class or elsewhere. This practice is not intended to introduce dogs to equipment for the first time.
More advanced handlers may sign up to train your dogs on any obstacles you may need to focus on!
Dogs must be at least 6 months old and have taken an agility obstacles course or have equivalent experience. Dogs must have previous exposure to all equipment, but mastery is not required. Equipment can be lowered or altered, 2x2s can be used, weave channels can be opened. Training aides are welcome. Dogs younger than one year should not attempt weave poles or full height jumps. Dogs that are deemed aggressive to either people or other dogs will be asked to leave without refund.  
Set Up
There will be a course set up; however, no one is required to run it. It is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged for you to focus on obstacle skills.  We hope to give everyone 3 to 4 times in the ring with each turn lasting 5 minutes. During your turn you may practice whatever you would like. We are hoping this will encourage good practice on the obstacles. We will be there to provide assistance in your training if needed, for example, altering contact equipment, providing distractions, throwing rewards, safeguarding contacts, etc.   
$5 per dog. Please bring exact change, a check made out to Albany Obedience Club or an instructor’s coupon for the self-service payment station.
Electronic Pre-registration Only

Registration closes December 1. Only 10 spots for members/conditional members are available, so sign up early!
Once you have signed up, you will receive a questionnaire regarding the level of your dogs training. When the questionnaire is returned, you will receive a copy of the course to help you plan your training time.  
Feel free to email the coordinator, Cathy Keenan with any questions, or if you want to volunteer to work.  

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