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Becoming a Member

To become a member, you must first apply for a Conditional Membership.  Once you have satisfied the requirements of  Conditional Membership (see below), you are eligible for full membership.  Applications for Conditional Membership are accepted in April and October.  Please contact our Membership Coordinator, Maura McPeak, at tommeyerlbmc1@gmail.com for details.

We will next be accepting applications for Conditional Membership in April, 2023.  

Requirements of Conditional Membership

Within 12 months of being accepted as a Conditional Member, the Conditional Member must:

  1. Earn five (5) volunteer points by helping out at AOC events (trials, work projects, show and gos, etc.).  Our club is run entirely by members who volunteer their time to do all the things that need to be done.
  2. Attend four (4) Membership Meetings.  Attending Membership Meetings will help you get to know other members, learn how the club works, stay up to date on club activities and, with luck, have some tasty snacks.
  3. Enroll in and attend at least two full class sessions.  (Teaching two sessions will work, too, if you're qualified to do so.) We are a training club, after all!

Full Membership

Once the Conditional Member has completed all of the above requirements, they may apply for Full Membership. Their application must then be approved by the AOC Board of Directors.  If the application is approved, the Conditional Member is presented (at last!)  to the General Membership for acceptance.

Types of Membership

The different types of membership are described in the AOC Constitution and By-Laws.  You will be applying for either a Single (one person) or Family (two people living in the same household) membership. 

AOC Privacy Policy

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