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For general information about Agility Run-Thrus, contact:  Joan Curcio at



DECEMBER 10TH, 2022. 

 Agility Run-thrus will be held on Saturday, December 10. Wendy Carey ( and Joan Curcio ( are co-coordinating. 
     To participate in run-thrus, your dog must be at least 15 months old and be able to perform every agility obstacle safely. If you are a member and want to run a 12-15 month dog OR if there is any question in your mind about whether your dog has enough experience to participate, please contact Wendy for an assessment (  Inexperienced, unsound and aggressive dogs and bitches in season should not attend and may be excused from the event by the coordinators without refund.

     Dogs should not wear anything while running the courses except a flat buckle collar with nothing dangling. Training aids (targets, food tubes, toys, contact trainers, etc.) are encouraged, but no food on the floor or on equipment. The run order will be TALL to small. Two sets of nested courses, one easier than the other, will be offered.
     PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU DON'T FEEL WELL!  Contact one of the coordinators as soon as you can so your spot can be offered to someone on the waiting list. 
8:30am- Course building
9:00am- Course walking and briefing
9:15am- First big dog on the line

Electronic registration at the following link is open now and will close when the cap of 30 dogs is reached or on December 5, whichever comes first.

he liability and Covid19 waivers must be signed during registration.
Registration Is open to members and non-members but advertising to non-members is delayed. Our last event filled in less than a week with only members participating, so please register early to secure a spot. 


The fee per dog is $5 for members/conditional members and $12 for non-members. Please bring exact change, a check or an instructor’s coupon to put into the self-service payment envelope provided in the meeting/
crating room. 
Volunteer for points
If you are a member/conditional member and would like to work for volunteer point(s), please contact Wendy ( and let her know if you'd like to be a dedicated worker (not running a dog), course builder, ring crew or break down crew. Please indicate your dog's jump height. Jobs are first-come, first serve. Course builders should be ready to build by 8:30 am. 
Festive attire encouraged! 

The agility run-thrus committee:
Joan Curcio, Chris Beck, Wendy Carey, Cathy Keenan, Vanessa Manzi, Emily Mercurio and Holly Trexler


Joan Curcio:

Chris Beck:

Cathy Keenan:

Vanessa Manzi:

Wendy Carey: 

Holly Trexler:

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